Here's a look at legend Rick Baker working on Men In Black III

Rick Baker aliens slice

Academy Award-winning makeup artist Rick Baker is one of those people who has the kind of undeniable skill that comes from a cohesion of talent and passion, something which can be seen in most anything he does.  And if the stills found below are any indication, MEN IN BLACK III is going to be no different. 

First we have a few shots of assorted aliens, including a big ol' family photo:

Rick Baker aliens 1

Rick Bake aliens 2

Rick Baker aliens 3

And now we move on to what may very well be one of the first clear glimpses thus far of Jemaine Clement as the movie's main villain Boris:

Rick Baker aliens 4

Rick Baker aliens 5

Rick Baker aliens 6

So at least we know now that the makeup and creature effects in MEN IN BLACK III will be top notch - not that there was any doubt was once Rick Baker got involved, but assurance is always a nice thing to have.

You can travel back in time with Agent J on May 25th.



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