Here's the first look at Jay Garrick on the new season of The Flash

DC Comics fans know that Barry Allen was not the first Flash. Grant Gustin may have been the first Flash on The CW's hit series this past season, but his comics predecessor is coming next as teased in the season finale. Teddy Sear will portray Jay Garrick and we now have the first look at both versions of The Flash in costume.

The image was first debuted at the recent Television Critics Association press tour but now The CW has shared the image via Twitter.

According to details released, Garrick will travel to Central City to warn Barry Allen and S.T.A.R. Labs about a threat that will require them to team up. Exactly to what extent the two Flashes will share screen time is unknown, but this is definitely exciting for DC fans.

The Flash may be the best superhero series on network television. While Arrow was the best, the last season dipped in quality. Plus, the brighter and livelier spin-off definitely feels more enjoyable than the dour Arrow. Adding additional versions of The Flash could be risky for the show, but with such a consistently good freshman run, I am willing to go along with wherever the show goes for the sophomore season.

The Flash's second season premieres on The CW on October 6th.

Source: Twitter



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