Here's the first trailer for the next DC animated film Son of Batman

Some of the strongest content I’ve seen come from comic adaptations has been made into DC animated films. A good example would be BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD which holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 88% from film viewers which may not mean much to you, but I think it’s pretty damn good for an animated flick. BATMAN: YEAR ONE was a good watch as well though didn’t really touch on the greatness of RED HOOD.

The next Batman animated flick from DC is SON OF BATMAN. The story is based on the 2006 comic arc written by Grant Morrison, which tells the story of Batman finally meeting his son, Damian. The pint-sized brat is the child of Bruce Wayne and the crazy Talia al Ghul. Yeah, she’s nuts, sorry. Damian doesn’t have a huge fan club either. He might be a little pain in the ass but I’ve loved reading about him from Morrison’s BATMAN & ROBIN series. SON OF BATMAN actually precedes that.

The trailer for the film looks pretty cool. Sadly, Jason O’Mara steps in to voice Batman/Bruce Wayne, not Kevin Conroy. The lovely Morena Baccarin lends her pipes to Talia while Giancarlo “Gus” Esposito voices Ra’s al Guhl.

SON OF BATMAN releases on Blu-ray/DVD late Spring.

Source: YouTube



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