Herzog's film school

Veteran filmmaker and masterful storyteller Werner Herzog has probably experienced more out of life than any ten people, and he wants to show you how to do the same.

For the reasonable price of $1,450, daring adventurers can try to survive Herzog's "Rogue Film School", a guerrilla filmmaking weekend that's the furthest thing from a traditional film school course.

As Herzog states on the website, "it is for those who have travelled on foot, who have worked as bouncers in sex clubs or as wardens in a lunatic asylum, for those who are willing to learn about lock-picking or forging shooting permits in countries not favoring their projects. In short: it is for those who have a sense for poetry. For those who are pilgrims. For those who can tell a story to four-year-old children and hold their attention. For those who have a fire burning within. For those who have a dream."

Lightweights and sissies should probably steer clear. Find out more about the project RIGHT HERE.

The acclaimed art-house director, whose recent projects include GRIZZLY MAN, RESCUE DAWN and the upcoming BAD LIEUTENANT (and wry appearances in THE GRAND and INCIDENT AT LOCH NESS), is probably best known for his infamous collaborations with Klaus Kinski -- if you haven't seen AGUIRRE, WRATH OF GOD, FITZCARRALDO and more of Herzog's filmography, you certainly should.

Extra Tidbit: Herzog famously ate a shoe (and filmed it) after promising to do so if he lost a bet.



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