Hey JoBlo! I wanna complain about how you run this website of yours!

With all the changes on our site over the past year, it's nice to know that, on the whole, our visitors have appreciated the upgrades to the site including better navigation all-around, more sharing options & commenting options and an overall better look and feel for each section of the site, not to mention brand new sections like the Pimpin' Poster Palace, the Celebrity Movie Database, DVD/Blu-Ray Give-aways, the Most Popular Upcoming Movies section, and others.

That said, one of our most recent updates (for our TEN SPOTs) doesn't seem to have converted some people, who have decided to voice their "disapproval" with the changes in our STRIKE BACK sections below the articles. That's not where those types of comments belong. If you have a "complaint" about any advertising on the website CLICK HERE for more info or just general "disagreements" with the way we're updating things, please either email Mike Sampson or myself directly via email, or just post your items in our SITE SUGGESTIONS / QUESTIONS forum. We listen/read all comments and consider all opinions at all times. That said, ultimately this is a business enterprise and some decisions need to be made according to what's best for the business to strive/survive over the next 5-10 years. Below is a short FAQ about some possible concerns.



With all changes made to the site, we always consider the site's visitors, but even moreso, we need to consider the industry we're in, the Internet itself and all the changes happening to it. Just 3 years ago, we had no links to Facebook/Twitter on our site, but now they're all over the place. The MFC was a small section of the site, now it's closing in on 80,000 members. We update sections of the site to keep up with the times and make sure that we can keep running the site for free for everyone. Some sections need to be updated for programming reasons, others for "design" reasons and others because they were just "out of date" and needed to be brought into the year 2011.

It's also to note that over the past couple of years, giant corporations and studios themselves have invaded the Interwebs with their own websites, resources and investments, leaving "fan-based" sites like ours, falling behind in some ways. We obviously don't have the money or resources to keep up with those billion-dollar companies, but we do have a loyal following, excellent "street cred" and a true "fan voice" which aren't easy to replicate. The problem is that we are also a business enterprise and we don't want to charge anyone for our content, hence we need to make some changes in order to remain competitive in this ultra-cutthroat environment.

Most of you have stuck around and appreciated most of our upgrades over the years and we thank you very much for your continued support!


This one was actually a no-brainer. We'd been running TOP 10 LISTS for about 4-5 years now, but they were always somewhat antiquated. The lists were generally split into two parts, and with the shorter URLs that we had just two years ago, that led to a ton of "duplicate" URLs which wasn't good for the TEN SPOT archives sections. We'd also received complaints about the articles being too long (and heavy for low-bandwidth) users, while at the same time, seeing a trend on most sites that post "galleries" of items up. We actually had a ton of reasons to switch up and we believe that, in the long run, it's for the betterment of the site. Here are more specific reasons for the update:

This new module is much easier for us to input info in the back-end

This new module allows us to post larger images which are nicer

The extra spacing for each entry also allows us to enter more VIDEO "TEN SPOTS" especially since we can feature wider videos as well

Part of the reason for many of the changes on the site is because "Sharing" has become so popular on the Net these days. This new set-up makes it easier for folks to share our lists with others on a variety of platforms

Visitors to our site can now comment on EACH entry instead of posting only comments on the "overall" top 10 lists

This new module leads to more "page views" for the site, which helps the site in various capacities

We've updated all of our previous TEN SPOTS into the same format, so that they're all archived together and can be scrolled through in one sitting

Some low-bandwidth visitors had complained about some of the TEN SPOTS being "too long" and leading to slowdowns for them

We adore Jim Law and his awesome writing style and needless to say, this new module puts greater emphasis on his writing (can focus more on each entry), which is always a good thing

We've also taken this opportunity to add a new button feature on the front page of each TEN SPOT called "CREATE MFC LIST" which when clicked upon, basically allows you to copy the TITLE of the TEN SPOT into your MFC profile, so that you can enter your own TOP 10 accordingly

  Those are some of the main reasons we switched up (and we'll be doing the same upgrade to the other sections of the site including ARROW IN THE HEAD and MOVIEHOTTIES), but the investment also allows us to use the same module to create other "galleries" or "lists" that are not TEN SPOTS including seasonal movie previews, film festival previews, summer wrap-ups, photo galleries, Comic Con galleries and a lot more!

And yes absolutely...the one 'negative aspect' about the new module is that you have to click on your mouse 10 times, as opposed to 1 time that you did before (the speed shouldn't be a big issue going forward, as we're working to improve the "speed" for each page to load). If you believe that doing so is too big a "sacrifice" to enjoy the ongoing original free content that we continue to deliver year after year, that's most certainly your prerogative, but please send all your complaints and suggestions to us directly... and leave the STRIKE BACK sections to comments about the articles themselves, not the writers or your opinion on the direction of the site, etc...

And now...a short break in our programming...


We recently put together another notice regarding the advertisements on our site. Remember that depending on where you are situated in the world, we all see different ads on the site, so it's important for you to let us know if you are having problems, etc... Please read THIS ARTICLE for more specific answers to your advertising queries.


That's entirely your prerogative but remember that we are still one of the last remaining "independent" movie fansites out there. The site is still owned by one person (me) and operated by the hard work of 30-40 freelancers from all over the United States, Canada and around the world. We don't ask our visitors for anything in return for all the free content that we've been delivering since 1998, and even though we've had to take on more ads to pay our ever-increasing bills every month, we always try our best to keep the "user experience" as good as can be, but at the end of the day, if we are going to survive over the next 5-10 years, we need to adapt with the times, and hopefully most of you will join along and show your support.

Our site has consistently been growing in members and traffic since 1998, so hopefully that continues (other fansites that were around since that time, have fallen "behind" these days because of their lack of upgrades and attention to market conditions and changes), but if you do decide that you no longer want to visit our site, please make it for a good reason and not simply because you don't think "clicking your mouse an extra 10 times" every few weeks for a TEN SPOT is "too much" for you. The same can be said about having to "sit through" some pre-roll video ads before some of the videos on our site. These are the kinds of things that help us pay our bills and our employees. If you prefer to avoid them and go to YOUTUBE instead of something, you're basically siding with the big corporations -- who incidentally will, one day, all be doing the same thing as well. Right now, we have to do these things to survive...they don't.

That said, if you don't think our site's consistently solid output over the past 13 years is worth it, we certainly can't do anything about that. To all those who continue to support the site in a variety of ways, we thank you always. 

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