Hey kids, JJ Abrams wants to see your short films!

SUPER 8 is a movie about a group of young teens who like to shoot their own movies, which is based on JJ Abrams' childhood spent shooting his own movies. Now both Abrams and SUPER 8 want to see what movies you crazy kids are making (and not the NSFW kind).

To help inspire budding young filmmakers, SUPER 8 is teaming with in-school TV channel Channel One for the "Your Directorial Debut" contest, which could have you well on your way to working with Steven Spielberg yourself* (*winners not guaranteed to ever work with Steven Spielberg). So what do you have to do? Read on for details.

In Super 8, debuting in theaters everywhere on June 10th, a series of creepy and mysterious events follow a horrific railroad crash witnessed by a group of friends making a film. Now it's your turn to be the filmmaker and create your own 3-minute movie! Your film can be about whatever you want, and shot however you choose. If your movie is selected, you'll win a Mac loaded with movie-editing software, an iPad 2, a camcorder, $1,000 for your school's drama or arts department, and best of all, a chance for you and five of your friends to see your movie screened before Super 8 on opening day! One runner-up will receive an iPad 2.

Sorry to all the film school students who are "young at heart," the contest is only open to those ages 13-18. Also know that when you submit your short film, it's no longer yours. It becomes the property of Paramount, Bad Robot and Amblin and they can do with it as they please, including turning it into a big-budget Michael Bay film* (*winners not guaranteed to have Michael Bay direct a remake of their film).

To get started head over to the contest page and start working on those storyboards!

Source: Channel One



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