Hidden URL in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer reveals a new countdown...but for what?

Last week we saw the first trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, which seemingly kind of broke the Internet a little and is now the most viewed trailer for any 2014 release movie (so far). The trailer was loaded with Easter eggs, including villains, locations, and more from the long-running comic book, but for those watching the trailer in 1080p there was another hidden secret: a URL for "electroarrives" which takes you to a webpage that has Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan sitting at his computer console-thingee and monitoring a countdown.

Click the below image to check it out:

So, what is the countdown for exactly? Well, given that the recently announced unveiling of new footage from the sequel would take place on New Years Eve during the Times Square celebration, it would appear that this viral site is the hub for where that footage will drop online. I'm willing to wager that the footage we see will focus on the actual Time Square showdown in the film, which has Spidey squaring off with Electro (Jamie Foxx). For a time, it seemed like this film was a long ways off, but it's down to just over four months at this point and that shit will creep up fast.

Tune in for the annual ball drop at Time Square (or back to the website) on December 31st to see some more footage from the sequel and then swing on over to your local theater on May 02, 2014 to catch the whole shebang!

Source: electroarrives



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