Hilary Swank gets her space invaded in The Resident trailer

It could be the simplest concept for a horror movie in history. in THE RESIDENT Hilary Swank plays a woman who is terrorized after renting an apartment. That's it.

I guess the mystery here is figuring out whether it's her ex, a creepy old man neighbor, or landlord Jeffrey Dean Morgan doing it, but I'm going to put money on Morgan as I'm pretty sure I read that in a plot synopsis somewhere.

She's vaguely unnerved about the place at first, spooked by slamming windows and presumably noises that turn out to be cats, but then things get weirder when she apparently is being videotaped. You would think the simple solution would be "move" instead of hiring ADT (product placement in a trailer, nice) to install a security system which records the people spying on her, but that would be an even lamer movie than this one looks to be. But hey, Hillary Swank is kind of naked for two seconds, so that's likely worth at least half the ticket right there.

Extra Tidbit: Actually, I have to give WRONG TURN credit for being the absolute laziest horror movie I've ever seen.
Source: JoBlo.com



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