Hilary Swank to star in and produce the comic book adaptation Shrapnel

Actress Hilary Swank has been in the market for a "strong action vehicle" for some time apparently. Now with SHRAPNEL - an adaptation of the Radical comic by Nick Sagan, M. Zachary Sherman, and Mark Long - she'll finally get her chance, as Variety reports that the two-time Oscar winner will be starring in as well as producing the sci-fi epic.

The film will be written by Toby Wagstaff (ARENA) and will focus on an ex-military officer who organizes a revolt on the planet Venus. Here's a little more from Variety:

"Set in the year 2250, the story follows a former Solar Alliance Marine, to be played by Swank, who spearheads an uprising on Venus, the last free colony, against an oppressive solar government in order to fight for the freedom of her people."

Several big name directors are said to be looking at the multi-platform property (TOTAL RECALL's Len Wiseman was the last name to be linked). Multi-platform? SHRAPNEL has already spawned its own iOS game as well as another currently in-development multiplayer game.

Swank will next be seen in NEW YEAR'S EVE this December.
Extra Tidbit: Hilary Swank as an action heroine... do you like that idea?
Source: Variety



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