Sean Bean educates on creative killing in Hitman 2 trailer

Sean Bean has died onscreen 20-30 times, his deaths ranging from his villain’s fall in GOLDENEYE to his tragic finales in LORD OF THE RINGS and GAME OF THRONES. So, if anyone knows about creative kills it’s him, and in the new trailer for the video game HITMAN 2 he takes some time out of his busy schedule to educate viewers on the finer points of killing your target in imaginative ways. Anything is a weapon if you look hard enough, or as he more eloquently puts it, “The world is always your best weapon.”

The trailer is not only a clever way to market the game, but it means to also advertise that Bean will be lending his voice and likeness as the first Elusive Target in the game. He is playing a character named Mark Faba, a.k.a. “The Undying,” a former MI5 agent turned assassin-for-hire who is famous for faking his own death numerous times. That’s a clever reference to Bean himself, a man who has spent much of his career dying onscreen for our entertainment and, sometimes, heartbreak.

Players will have to stop Bean’s character from using his special set of skills in completing a mission at the Global Innovation Race event in Miami. Like all Elusive Targets introduced to the series (starting in 2016), players will only have a limited window to play this mission before it goes away for good. This is a one-time event for players as they only have one chance to kill the target, with failure meaning no second chances. Become part of Bean's long-standing career in on-screen deaths!

HITMAN 2 hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 13, and the Bean mission will become available November 20.



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