Hobbit meets Hellboy

Genre flick veteran and back-rack survivor Ron Perlman is getting ready to paint himself red again for another mission with Oscar-robbed director Guillermo del Toro, who'll start shooting his HELLBOY sequel in May. But Perlman is ditching the horn-stubs for a priest's collar in another dark movie, an indie called I SELL THE DEAD.

The movie stars ex-hobbit and LOST castaway Dominic Monaghan as an 18th century London "corpse trader" who performs services for an aristocratic doctor. Perlman's holy man will listen to Monaghan's ghastly confessions, while PHANTASM's "Tall Man" Angus Scrimm ("Booooyyyyy!!") will play the twisted physician. Larry Fessenden (SESSION 9) will produce the flick and help Dom with the bodies.

The movie, from writer-director Glenn McQuaid, is set to begin filming in May, so I assume Perlman will film his scenes before heading to Budapest for demon-punching with del Toro.
Extra Tidbit: Besides his film and TV work, Perlman has done voice acting for numerous videogames, including HALO 2, INCREDIBLE HULK, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK and GUN.



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