Hold on to your butts! Jurassic Park 4 has a release date!

Let's face it. There was a time when none of us thought we would be getting another JURASSIC PARK. Even the latest installment was on thin ice. Are they going to do it or not? Fans are certainly nostalgic for the film that not only increased the happiness of their childhood, but of their adult lives as well. It's a movie that no matter what age group you share it with, you always get a fan for life.

But after all the waiting, JURASSIC PARK 4 has a release date: June 13, 2014.

Do you know why I am psyched about this? A. IT'S F*CKING JURASSIC PARK. B. Steven Spielberg may not be directing, but he is producing so you know he still has a say. Just so you know, this is high priority for Spielberg.

The last time we took an adventure to the park was 2001 with JURASSIC PARK III. Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES) turned in their draft of the script this week. At this time, we have no idea what the plot involves aside from dinosaurs and more dinosaurs and maybe Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum. If they've already announced that either won't have a cameo, don't tell me because I don't have time for that.

For those who want to get a jump start on the excitement, go check out JURASSIC PARK when it re-releases in theaters in 3D on April 5, 2013.

Source: Deadline



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