Holy Blu-ray! Batman: The Complete 1960s TV Series available this November!

Any self-respecting comic book fan holds a soft spot in their heart for the 1960s BATMAN television series starring Adam West. Yes, the show was cheesy as hell but it was also the only live action Batman we would see for decades. It also felt just like a comic book come to life with over the top villains, costumes, dastardly plots, and puns. Oh, the puns!

Now, just in time for a big reveal at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros has revealed that BATMAN: The Complete Television Series will be hitting Blu-ray this November. Remastered in HD with tons of special features, this represents the first time the classic series has been compiled into a set of this kind. West, Burt Ward, and Catwoman herself Julie Newmar will be in attendance at SDCC to unveil the packaging, features, and first look at the newly remastered BATMAN series.

I don't know about you, but I am excited for this. The BATMAN series represents a part of my childhood as I watched reruns on TV and never thought twice about there being a darker or more faithful take on the character. In fact, the 1989 film seemed so at odds with this version of Batman, I almost didn't go see it. Here's hoping this allows a new generation to reconnect with a different Batman from a different era.

Check out the great sizzle reel teaser for the Blu-ray set below and stay tuned for more details.

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