Home Alone actor John Heard has died

John Heard is not a name you may instantly recognize, but he is an actor whose face you have seen in dozens of films and television series over the last forty years including C.H.U.D., CUTTER'S WAY, BEACHES, CAT PEOPLE and, most memorably, HOME ALONE. We are sad to report that Heard passed away yesterday at the age of 72 after undergoing back surgery. Heard had a prolific career that spanned theatre, films, and television and popped up through the 80s as both a supporting actor and a villain in movies like BIG and THE PELICAN BRIEF. In recent years, Heard appeared in memorable roles on the series The Sopranos, Elementary, and Modern Family.

Heard's resume includes some gems like the SHARKNADO films and WHITE CHICKS, but he also received acclaim in the form of an Emmy nomination for his recurring role as Vic Makazian on The Sopranos. Looking through his filmography, it is almost impossible not to stumble over a project that will trigger your memories of Heard. The actor was a solid everyman who could play both a father and a smarmy villain in equal measure. 

Heard was married three time, once to actress Margot Kidder, and also had a relationship with actress Melissa Leo. Heard is survived by his three children, Annika, John and Max. Our condolensces go out to them in this difficult time. But, as we are lucky to have as movie fans, we can all reminisce about his long and storied career and pay tribute to his legacy. Rest in peace, John Heard.

Source: Deadline



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