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    Rogen and Black Beauty at Comic Con

Normally I'd be the first to snicker and roll eyes at Sony's recent announcement that THE GREEN HORNET won't be released on July 25th as intended. But I'm partial to Seth Rogen, so I'll him when he says in no way it's the end (again...).

Reacting to wildfire rumors following the announcement, star and scribe Seth Rogen had a chat with the folks of HitFix claiming the move to December 17th 2010 is a GOOD thing. Meaning they can take their time and do a good film. Does that really happen in Hollywood? wow...

"We're both relieved and psyched about the change. It gives more time for post, which would have been immensely rushed if we were to come out in the summer. It also affords us more time to promote the film," Rogen claimed. "We got the same date that movies like 'I Am Legend' and 'Avatar' are getting, so we're thrilled to be there." Yup, I also recall THE SPIRIT coming out around that time. And AVATAR isn't a sure bet yet, at least according to Adolph.

His explanation makes sense though, HORNET isn't guaranteed maga-hit material; Contrary to other properties (*cough* TF2 *cough*), you HAVE to make a good film for profits to come. Plus counter-programming for that weekend couldn't be sweeter: SMURFS 3D and YOGI BEAR will share the marquee with Seth. Yogi & Rogen... Now that's a funny concept! "Hey Boo Boo! Wanna get high you silly bear? Oh-oh, here comes the f*ckin ranger!"

Extra Tidbit: A more appropriate counter-programming for HORNET would be a Quick Draw McGraw movie. "Kaboooong"!
Source: HitFix



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