Hottie duo Megan Fox and Zoe Zaldana will Swindle you

Paramount pictures has acquired the action/heist script SWINDLE, which is being developed for Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana, who will also produce with MONEYBALL producer Michael DeLuca.  The cool thing about the whole thing is that Fox and Zaldana pursued the project because they wanted to do a project together. Details are sparse other than the genre and title, but, let's be honest, that's secondary in this situation, no?

Granted, this isn't the team up of the century, but with the right director this could be the stuff of 13-year-old raging hormone dreams.  I see skimply, tight-fitting clothes, worthless henchman getting their asses kicked, and our heroines breaking into safes and shit, while they're all sweaty and concentrating real hard.  Also, an explosion and at least 1-5 sex scenes.  I'm being optimistic here.

Stay tuned as this project develops.  Also, thanks to this story, I can post some pictures that show you just exactly what we're working with here...

Extra Tidbit: Call me crazy, but I think we may have found a project for McG to direct. Hot chicks kicking ass and generally looking hot with lots of slow-mo is kind of a perfect fit for the director. What do you think? You got someone better in mind?
Source: Deadline



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