Hotties Maggie Grace & Salma Hayek join the Rock!

A couple of lovely ladies are about to get stuck between a Rock and a hard place...

Joining ex-sports entertainer/actor/family film icon Dwayne Johnson will be Maggie Grace ("Lost", TAKEN) in the upcoming action drama FASTER from director George Tillman Jr. (MEN OF HONOR, NOTORIOUS). And right behind her is smoldering JoBlo fave Salma Hayek, who's currently "in negotiations" to join the cast which also includes Billy Bob Thornton. Not bad.

All that's known about the story at the moment is that it's centered around an ex-con (Johnson) who's looking to avenge the murder of his brother while being trailed by a veteran police officer. I imagine Thornton is the officer but there's no word on who Grace or Hayek would be playing (one's no doubt Johnson's "love interest", and judging by age, I would think it's Hayek... the bastard).

Grace, of course, was most notably last seen disobeying her ass-kicking father Liam Neeson in TAKEN. She has a few films coming up including the Cruise/Diaz joint KNIGHT & DAY. Hayek was last seen in what I hear was the not very good CIRQUE DU FREAK (if I'm wrong on that, let me know below), but she's got the Adam Sandler film GROWN UPS coming up, and she's the voice of "Kitty" in the PUSS IN BOOTS spin-off slated for 2011 where she'll reunite with her DESPERADO lover Antonio Banderas.

I now leave you with this...
Extra Tidbit: I can think of two big, round, and beautiful reasons why you shouldn't be wasting your time reading what I wrote right here.
Source: Variety



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