"How are you feeling?" New clip from the return episode of The Walking Dead

After all the suspense, the wait will finally be over. This Sunday a new episode of THE WALKING DEAD premieres.

What is in-store for us this season? Shit will hiteth the fan. That's fancy talk for "shits about to get real". Now is the time to speak candidly since I suspect that if you are here reading this article you are caught up on the show. The people of Woodbury and the prison crew have finally met and exchanged pleasantries, or chaotic gun fire, whatever terms you want to use. Some are still with us, some a scarred for life, and others are still barely hanging on with what little sanity they have in tact. Eye for an eye, indeed.

The last episode left us with a pretty major cliffhanger-- a reunion under the worst of circumstances. Zombie Thunderdome, anyone? The new clip from the first episode of the return, "The Suicide King" doesn't address that, but it does give a surprise to Tyreese and his crew.

Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: What are your expectations for this season?
Source: AMC



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