How do you feel about Justin Timberlake in your Three Stooges movie?

I like Justin Timberlake. He's a better actor than I ever thought he would be. But I think he works best in certain kinds of roles. David Fincher used him extremely wisely in THE SOCIAL NETWORK and it turned out to be Timberlake's best performance. Because of his persona, he works best as guys who live a little larger than life. I have a hard time buying him as a geeky kinda guy (see: the BAD TEACHER trailer). I have an even harder time buying him as Larry Fine. But that's a possibility that Peter and Bobby Farrelly are exploring.

As they prep the cast for their THREE STOOGES movies, the Farrellys are casting a wide net for their THREE STOOGES cast. So wide that Justin Timberlake has somehow found himself involved. The brothers spoke to the Boston Herald and while they're not quoted on the record speaking to the involvement of Timberlake or any specific actor, the paper says they're "considering" Timberlake as Larry. But in the same breath, they mention that Peter has spoken to Larry David about playing Larry so...

You've previously heard Johnny Knoxville's name attached to the role of Moe and he remains a strong candidate with Hank Azaria also in the running. The Farrellys seem content casting a relative unknown as Curly with Will Sasso ("Shit My Dad Says") the only actor named (he's bald and heavy-set so that's a good start).

But back to Timberlake as Larry. Besides a mop of curly hair, do you see any resemblance, whether physically or in their mannerisms, between the two? As I said earlier, I like Timberlake and I think he's got big things ahead of him but I don't think they start in a THREE STOOGES movie. (And to be fair, I love Larry David but I don't think he's right for Larry either; at least not in this version.)

Source: Boston Herald



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