Lindsay Lohan may have killed director Paul Schrader's career with her behavior shooting The Canyons

At this point in her "career", I am unsure why we even pay attention to Lindsay Lohan. She is the epitome of the Hollywood horror story going from child star to superstar to fading star in just about a decade. I do not wish death on anyone, but Lohan is clearly heading for Corey Haim territory.

Her latest project, THE CANYONS, was looking like a can't miss project with iconic director Paul Schrader and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis on board, but then things took a turn for the worst when Lohan signed on. The entire trainwreck is chronicled in a fascinating article in the New York Times. I encourage you to read the full article, but here are some highlights.

  • Lohan crossed out the names of already cast co-stars she didn't want to work with, including the male lead, James Deen.
  • Lohan's unpredictable behavior resulted in her being fired and rehired just days into shooting.
  • Schrader had to film handheld when they were unable to get Lohan to cooperate shooting a scene.

Schrader has always been a better writer than director.  He scripted RAGING BULL, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, TAXI DRIVER, and BRINGING OUT THE DEAD.  As a director, he directed AMERICAN GIGOLO, CAT PEOPLE, AFFLICTION, AUTO FOCUS, and the infamous prequel to THE EXORCIST, DOMINION.  The article says Schrader looked at THE CANYONS as his last chance to get back into Hollywood.  Lindsay Lohan may have put the final nail in that coffin.

When all is said and done, THE CANYONS is a bad movie.  It was rejected for inclusion at the Sundance Film Festival and the producers are looking to sell the movie to anyone who will take it.  Not exactly a graceful ending for any project.

    It is always interesting to hear what happens behind the scenes in Hollywood when a movie is troubled but you always want to see the good guy win.  In the case of THE CANYONS, it looks like nobody will win.

    Extra Tidbit: Steven Soderbergh offered to edit the troubled film in 72 hours. Schrader replied “The idea of 72 hours is a joke. It would take him 72 hours to look at all the footage. And you know what Soderbergh would do if another director offered to cut his film? [Puts up two middle fingers]”.
    Source: New York Times



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