How much are some of the world's biggest stars worth? It might surprise you


Each year there are a handful of lists released of which stars have made the most money, which actor is overpaid/underpaid, etc. and usually the lists are pretty interesting. CelebrityNetWorth.com keeps track of how much celebrities are worth and the Huffington Post has compiled a list of actors, musicians, directors and media types whose massive amount of wealth is just shocking.

While some of the names on the list aren't surprising at all (J.K. Rowling, Oprah, U2's Bono), who would have thought Larry David is worth $800 million? Or that his Seinfeld buddy Julia Louis-Dreyfus is worth $3 billion? The author of the article for the Huffington Post is quick to point out that a lot of Louis-Dreyfus wealth is due to her family's money and not just royalty checks from Seinfeld but that's still an ass load of cash. Tyler Perry writes, directs and stars in almost everything he creates, which means he writes a lot of checks out to to himself and is worth a mind numbing $400 million. And would you believe that Keanu Reeves ($350 million) is actually worth more than Will Smith ($200 million)?  Take a look at the list from the Huffington Post of the 24 celebrities and how much they are worth below. (Note: the list was compiled by the Huffington Post of certain names they found interesting and is not the complete list of richest celebrities in order. For the complete list click here.)

George Lucas Producer, Director $7.3 billion
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Actress $3 billion
Oprah Media Mogul $2.8 billion
J.K. Rowling Author $1 billion
Larry David Comedian $800 million
Madonna Musician $650 million
Bono Musician $600 million
P. Diddy Rap Mogul $580 million
Howard Stern Radio Host $500 million
Gloria Estefan Musician $500 million
Dolly Parton Musician $450 million
Mel Gibson Actor $425 million
Tyler Perry Producer, Director $400 million
Celine Dion Musician $400 million
Clint Eastwood Director, Actor $375 million
Dr. Dre Rap Mogul $360 million
Bill Cosby Comedian $350 million
Keanu Reeves Actor $350 million
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Actress, Fashionistas $300 million
Will Smith Actor $200 million
Ryan Seacrest Media Mogul $200 million
Bruce Springsteen Musician $200 million
Ozzy Osbourne Musician $140 million
Ellen DeGeneres Comedian $105 million
Extra Tidbit: What surprises you the most about this list?



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