Hugh Dancy joins Fifty Shades Darker as Christian Grey's psychiatrist

Hugh Dancy Fifty Shades Darker

The cancellation of Hannibal still strings, but perhaps the recent news that Hugh Dancy will be joining the cast of FIFTY SHADES DARKER as Christian Grey's psychiatrist is merely the prelude to Dancy devouring the entire cast; likely not, but a man can dream. The commercially successful but critically panned FIFTY SHADES OF GREY introduced us to Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), an extremely wealthy and mysterious entrepreneur, and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), the woman who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with Mr. Grey. Two more films in the series, FIFTY SHADES DARKER and FIFTY SHADES FREED, are being filmed back-to-back and continue to add new members to its cast.

THR reports that Hugh Dancy is the latest addition to the cast of FIFTY SHADES DARKER, and that he will play Dr. John Flynn, "a psychiatrist that Grey begins seeing after the reappearance of his former lover (who initiated him into the world of S&M), Mrs. Elena “Robinson” Lincoln (played by Kim Basinger). Originally from England, Flynn moved to Seattle after he married an American woman." The upcoming sequel will find Anastasia and Christian resuming their affair, but as Christian fights the demons of his past, Ana must confront the anger and envy of those women who came before her. While the first film wasn't exactly my type of thing, I must admit that I'm curious to see what actors like Dancy and Kim Basinger can do with the material. Speaking of Hugh Dancy, he's currently appearing in Hulu's The Path series alongside Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan in which he plays a leader in a cult known as The Meyerist Movement.

FIFTY SHADES DARKER will hit theaters on February 10, 2017 with FIFTY SHADES FREED concluding the trilogy on February 9, 2018.

Source: THR



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