Hugh Jackman posts new, cathartic Logan poster

After 17 years of donning the claws, Hugh Jackman will be calling it quits as Wolverine next year with the highly-anticipated LOGAN. Yes, yes, have a good cry, but it’s also time to suck it up and admit to ourselves this is really happening. What greater reminder of this than the new poster originally posted by Jackman on his Instagram page, featuring a battle-worn Logan/Wolverine walking down a lonely road, the sun…*sniffles*…the sun setting behind him.

Sob...I mean...see for yourself below!

And here's one of a banner going up in a city that's probably not yours!


Work in progress on the 405.

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

The world will be a much different place starting next year for more than one reason, but the farewell to Jackman as the iconic character is a big one indeed. We will get more in the way of promotion as we get closer to film's release, with a new trailer likely on the way soon, or at least more pics from Jackman like today and yesterday. So far all the images and footage have been suitably dramatic, hinting at an emotional sendoff for the clawed hero. Here comes the eye water! I promised myself I would cry. Yeah, you read that right!

Hugh Jackman will have his final run in LOGAN on March 3.



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