Hugh Jackman teases appearance in fake Dundee movie

Although our hearts may be broken that the DUNDEE movie with Danny McBride isn’t a real thing, that doesn’t mean we can’t all pray to the supreme rulers up above that someone smartens up and makes the actual movie. With each new clip, I pray a little harder and now that Hugh Jackman – Australia’s favorite son – is going to be in one, I’m basically screaming at the heavens.

Jackman took to Twitter this weekend to tease his new clip of the fake movie, writing the caption, “You didn’t really think they’d bring back Dundee…without me, did you?!” The tease is only ten seconds long, but currently, I’m more excited to see him next to McBride and Chris Hemsworth than I am to see AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

The clips showing McBride as the son of the famous Crocodile Dundee have been surfacing in the last week or so, hinting that a reboot of the beloved series was made in secret. Then another clip came out with Hemsworth joining in the fun, leading even more people to wonder what the hell was going. Eventually, word came out this was all a stunt meant to culminate during the Super Bowl one week from today, and thus, the world wept. Already, DUNDEE will surely make it onto many “Greatest Movie’s Never Made” lists.

Crikey, this is really shaping up to be a great celebration of all things Australia! You got Hemsworth, Jackman, and who knows, they may even get Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in there at some point. It breaks my heart to know this isn't really happening, but maybe if enough people voice their support this could end up turning into a real project. All we have to do is believe hard enough. Just close your eyes and think positive thoughts...thoughts carried by kangaroos and koalas.

Source: Hugh Jackman



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