Hugo Weaving on the future of Red Skull and whether he will play him or not

Upon seeing CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, I was confident that Red Skull would become a main villain in the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. I was very surprised when Loki became the focal point in THE AVENGERS and not Red Skull. But, the fact that the fate of the villain is left decidedly open means that we may see him battling our favorite heroes some time in the future. But, will Hugo Weaving portray the HYDRA honcho?

Cinema Blend reports that while Weaving is contractually obligated to Marvel, he is not sure about where he will pop up again. Weaving had this to say about his contract: “I think anyone who signs up for Marvel probably would be obliged to sign a certain deal for three or four pictures or whatever, or more, actually, in some of those cases. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to come to fruition.”

While it seems that CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER is decidedly set on a new bad guy (plus the fact that Weaving has been in HOBBIT and CLOUD ATLAS mode for the last few years), where would Red Skull show up again? THE AVENGERS 2. He is a big enough bad guy that he could do battle with the team as a whole, especially if he somehow teams up with Thanos or gets his hands back on the Cosmic Cube. I would be partial to having Red Skull be the more human villain to balance out the sheer alien nature of Thanos. The two would definitely be more than enough to lay the groundwork for Phase Three.

Weaving does not sound very confident that he will reprise the Red Skull role but he also has been a part of some major movie franchises in the last few decades. Red Skull could easily be played by another actor which could be explained away in any number of ways. But, I liked Weaving's portrayal and would be stoked if he decided to return, provided the story worked out.

Would you like to see Red Skull return in THE AVENGERS 2?

Extra Tidbit: Weaving on why he took the Red Skull role: "This guy thinks Hitler’s a pussy [laughs]. He’s a villain. So that’s why I did it, I was like ‘Let’s try this.’ To play a role like that, that’s fun."
Source: Cinema Blend



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