Hugo Weaving returns as Elrond in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit

Though not exactly revelatory, Stuff.co.nz reveals that the great Hugo Weaving (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, THE MATRIX) will officially be returning to the fiery franchise from whence he came in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT as the esteemed Elven lord 'Elrond'.

In Tolkien's original book, Elrond played only a minor role, though it's currently unknown whether his part will be expanded upon or not in Jackson's adaption (though there is the very good chance that the 'Battle of Mirkwood' will be filmed, which takes place off the page in the book and features Elrond more prominently).

Meanwhile, the same Stuff.co.nz report also confirms two new castings: Kiwi actor Dean O'Gorman will star as 'Fili' the dwarf, replacing Rob Kazinsky who left the project last week for personal reasons; and Lee Pace will take on the part of Elven 'King Thrandruil'.

The first part of Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT is currently filming and will be released next year on December 19th.
Extra Tidbit: I know most people like Weaving's role in THE MATRIX films the best, but I personally prefer his performance in V FOR VENDETTA.
Source: Stuff.co.nz



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