Hulk is sporting a beard in Thor: Ragnarok concept designs

When you think of the Hulk (now played by Mark Ruffalo) the image of green skin, hulking muscles and anger issues come to mind. What doesn’t is whatever hairstyle he has, because he’s not really a character defined by long, luscious locks that look like strands of a fine silk sheet. Apparently, the character's hair was a big deal in THOR: RAGNAROK, and now you can see all the designs the artists went through.

Artist Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios’ head of visual development, took to social media to post some initial concept pieces of Hulk in the Thor sequel. The designs offer some unique looks, making him look like everything from Jesus to the owner of several organic farms.

Take a look at the slideshow!

In the end, the haircut went for the shaved-down look, which makes sense given how Thor (Chris Hemsworth) had to have his heavenly locks shaved off before battling in the arena. The Hulk is an entirely CG character too, so although he may look cool with the beard, we must remember that’s tons of more visual work to make it look authentic and not like something from a PS2 game. What hell that would be.

The only look that doesn’t fit with me is the fifth one, where it’s shaved on the sides but lush in the center and down to the bottom. He looks like a professional dog walker there. But the other designs are awesome, with the bearded ones giving him a nomadic look. But, the CG would be a nightmare given the more hair he has, so I can understand why they always go with the shorter look. I mean, can you imagine the Hulk with cartoon Aragorn hair? That may be a “careful what you wish for” scenario.

THOR: RAGNAROK may still be at a theater near you.

Source: Ryan Meinerding



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