Hulu is developing VR shows, holodecks still a Pipe Dream

Virtual Reality (or VR) is a thing now, and that's awesome. While it's in its early stages, the demos that have been shown in the gaming world, as well as concert (and porn) videos, shows that the new technology has potential. We're not able to use a holodeck to shoot Borg with machine guns yet, but it's a start. 

Hulu is also trying to capitalize on that potential, working with Huffington Post's RYOT Studios to develop two new shows. One is a news show, aptly-titled THE BIG PICTURE: NEWS IN VIRTUAL REALITY (touted as "truly first of its kind"), and a comedy show starring Nora Kirkpatrick and Mike O’Brien called VIRTUALLY MIKE AND NORA.

While there are no plot details about the comedy show, Kirkpatrick did mention how the 360 experience of VR affected the writing of the show:

[it] changed the shape of our jokes and direction of our stories...I think we’ve come up with a way to break down the wall between performer and audience member, and explore comedy in 360 degrees.

Vague, yet intriguing. I'm excited about the possibilities of VR. Being able to see where news is happening first hand through your VR set, or to be able to actually be part of a show is awesome. We'll have to wait and see how everything is implemented, especially when it comes to interacting to your environment with something that's already scripted (the worst thing would be a high-resolution version of those awful FMV videogames from the early '90s), but I'm hopeful (also I want the holodeck to be a thing in my lifetime).

Both shows are set to premiere on Hulu Fall 2017.


Extra Tidbit: The short story THE MACHINE STOPS from 1909 by author E.M. Forster is considered the first instance of what we would consider "virtual reality" today.
Source: Variety
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