Seth Rogen developing Hulu show Future Man starring Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson (DETENTION, which deserves more love) will star in a new Hulu series called FUTURE MAN, developed by Seth Rogen and long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg (who has worked with Rogen on SUPERBAD, THIS IS THE END, and most recently as co-creator of the PREACHER adaptation).

What the hell is FUTURE MAN about, you may ask? Well, impatient reader, I was just about to get to it, so hold the f*ck on. Anyway, here's the synopsis:

Josh Futterman, an uninspired and dejected gamer...is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time in order to prevent the extinction of humanity.

Not going to lie, that synopsis is not grabbing me. Sounds like THE LAST STARFIGHTER for the millenial crowd. However, I'm still looking forward to it, because I love most of what Seth Rogen makes (minus things like GUILT TRIP and GREEN HORNET). From FREAKS AND GEEKS, to SUPERBAD, to THIS IS THE END, Rogen has proven he's got a good batting average for comedy. Hell, I even like what he did with PREACHER, which I know is divisive (but what adaptation wouldn't be?)

There is no set date for FUTURE MAN, but is expected to premiere sometime next year. Meanwhile, Rogen and Goldberg's other show, PREACHER, will return for its second season on AMC next year as well. Our own Paul Shirey reviewed season one of PREACHER, so check it out and see what he thought.

So what do you guys think? Rogen fans? Or is he the new internet pariah and I wasn't informed?

Extra Tidbit: In an interview, Josh Hutcherson talked about how since he was homeschooled, instead of a regular prom the parents of other homeschooled kids would come together and force an awkward meet-up.
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