Hulu Plus makes its way to Xbox 360 consoles today

If you're like me and you use your Xbox 360 as much for its film and television abilities as for its video games, then perhaps the news that Hulu Plus is finally coming to Microsoft's console will tickle you right.

According to Variety, Hulu's paid service will become available today over Xbox Live, providing yet another alternative for both gamers and non-gamers alike to enjoy streaming media goodness. The service will be available to Xbox Live members for $8 per month while current Hulu Plus subscribers need simply log in and link their accounts. As a promotional deal, the company will also open up the service to all Xbox Live members (both Gold and Silver accounts) for a week of free usage, from April 29th to May 6th.

This could mean a lot more potential business for Hulu. The company will reach 1 million paying customers by the end of 2011 - generating revenue of more than $200 million - and will now be able to tap into Microsoft's 30 million Xbox Live users, opening the door for curious subscribers as well as those simply looking for another means of streaming entertainment.
Extra Tidbit: So how do you consume your media? Hulu/Netflix? Traditional cable/On Demand? Something else? Tell us!
Source: Variety



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