Hurricane Galactus?

A buddy of mine told me the other day he was excited about seeing Galactus in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. Don't get too excited, I told him, I don't think he's really in it. Confused, he reminded me how director Tim Story confirmed that Galactus would be in FF2. True, but he never confirmed how Galactus would be in the movie. And I had heard some reports that he'd be featured in a way that wouldn't make fans happy. Specifically, I was told the best way to describe him was as Smokey the Smoke Monster from "Lost" (if you're not a fan of the show, see to the right). Now Harry at AICN gets similar word today that Galactus will be represented in FF2 as a "storm cloud." Apparently a storm cloud that talks like Laurence Fishburne. And wow, that's just about the biggest kick in the fanboy balls. If you're not gonna do Galactus right, just don't do Galactus. Don't half-ass it. The man's a giant cosmic entity not a cumulonimbus. Sad. I had hoped I was getting bad information cause I really want to love a Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer/Galactus movie. But this? I can't get behind this...



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