Hurricane Sandy ironically impacts Darren Aronofsky's Noah and destroys the HMS Bounty

First and foremost, we here at JoBlo.com wish to send our well wishes to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Storms affect film productions across the globe on a regular basis. But it is not common for a storm the size of Sandy to devastate everything in it's path. While there are quite a few television shows and flms that shoot in downtown New York City, the biggest project affected by the path of the storm is Darren Aronofsky's NOAH.

NOAH is shooting in Oyster Bay, NY as well as sound stages in Brooklyn. While Brooklyn was inaccessible, it was the Oyster Bay set that was at the most risk. It is there that Aronofsky has the Biblically-accurate ark that we have all seen in photos like the one above. The irony of the ark built for NOAH would be destroyed by a flood was not lost on cast-member Emma Watson who tweeted about it. Apparently Aronofsky used the downtime to catch up on movies by seeing CLOUD ATLAS and THE MASTER (I would love to read those reviews).

On a much sadder note, the replica of the HMS Bounty, which was seaworthy, was destroyed as the storm approached North Carolina on Sunday. Two members of the crew were lost at sea and a search is still under way for them. The Bounty was built for the 1962 Marlon Brando film, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY. It is currently owned by Ted Turner. It was originally set to be destroyed once the film completed but Brando objected. It has since traveled the Eastern seaboard to various museums and charity events. It was also used in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie series.

Whether a piece of movie history or an ambitious current project, it is always sad to see these events happen, especially when they concern the loss of human life.

Source: LA TimesFOX News



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