Hurt talks Indy 4

Like everyone else associated with INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL IN THE SKULL WITH THE WHIP AND STUFF, veteran actor John Hurt is obligated to keep his trap shut, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's 100% compliant.

Rumors have long assumed Hurt would be playing Abner Ravenwood, the believed-to-be-late father of Indy's former flame Marion (not to mention his mentor, at least until LAST CRUSADE and the TV series retconned otherwise). While chatting with Premiere, Hurt more or less confirms that, if only with a smirk and a hardly noncommittal "Hmmmm..."

Hurt doesn't spill much else by way of details, but does briefly discuss the professionalism and attitudes of his co-stars and the style and work ethic of director Steven Spielberg, implies that Ray Winstone's character may not fully be one of the "good guys", and touches on the questionable social skills of George Lucas. Read the whole thing RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Hurt also returns as Professor Broom in HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY. In flashbacks, one assumes.
Source: Premiere



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