I Am alternate ending

We heard a ton of noise about re shoots going on for I AM LEGEND, and now the alternative ending to the film has appeared online. The original ending of the film was the source of much contention, mostly by me, since I totally dug the film until about three quarters of the way through (you're telling me the mutant dogs can't run across a sliver of sunlight? And you can't back them up, snarly alpha male mutant dude?) and then steadily began to hate it more and more until the end credits.

Everyone knows that Youtube comments come from only the most respectable and intelligent sources, so I might be shaping to get crucified in the strike-backs, but I'm pretty sure this is a far better ending to the film. Check it out for yourself and take a side: me, or the Youtube people. If you back me I have cookies.

Extra Tidbit: So? Still not the book ending, but better, right? Macadamia nut...
Source: /Film



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