I Am sequel?

Well, the Will Smith flick I AM LEGEND hasn't even dropped yet, but already there's talk about there being a sequel. Surprise? Not really, since LEGEND looks like it's gonna be incredible and because slapping Will Smith in your picture basically guarantees that you make back a small f*cking fortune (unless it's a post-GIGLI flick about the Fleck trying to raise a kid called Gertie). The LA Times writes that:

"There is no word yet on how Protosevich plans to extend the story of lone military scientist Robert Neville’s struggle to survive against a mutant populace. But it’s a good bet that he’s setting it at least 10 years in the future.”

The flick is a modern day adaptation of the classic 1954 Robert Matheson book about a former scientist who is the only human in Manhattan that has not been infected by a virus which turns people into blood thirsty vampires.
Extra Tidbit: I've got 10 bucks says before this film hits the hour mark, Smith says "Aww HELL NO."
Source: /Film



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