I know nothing about Tintin but this trailer looks pretty damn good

We get two Steven Spielberg movies this holiday season. One is the Oscar frontrunner WAR HORSE, aimed squarely at adults. The other, THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, is a mo-cap animated film aimed squarely at kids (heck, it's released through Nickelodeon). Both look pretty damn good.

I've been sort of waffling on TINTIN for some time now and partly that's because of my admitted ignorance to the franchise. It's also because of my reticence towards mo-cap as a viable form of filmmaking. But I'm really liking what I see in this latest trailer. I always thought Zemeckis was a little too showy with his mo-cap films like he was trying to be more of a salesman for the process than just a director. Spielberg seems to have reigned a lot of that in and this looks very much like a traditionally animated film.

TINTIN doesn't have much in the way of buzz but maybe that will change as we move into winter. What do you think? You interested in this?

Source: MSN Video



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