I Love You, Man director John Hamburg to direct Brother From Another Mother

One of my favorite comedies is 2009's I LOVE YOU, MAN. That movie has some of the most quotable lines in it. Plus it got me listening to Rush again which is always awesome.

The writer and director of that film, John Hamburg has a couple of writing credits that I can appreciate: one for ZOOLANDER and the other for MEET THE PARENTS. I enjoy the first, so sue me. The last thing Hamburg did was write on the script for 2010's LITTLE FOCKERS. Definitely not a favorite of mine. Maybe his next project will be just as good as I LOVE YOU, MAN.

Hamburg is set to write as well as direct, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER for Fox. The film follows, "two estranged brothers -- one brilliant but aimless, the other a precocious and sheltered teen -- who share the same father and are thrust together on a road trip." The project was originally set up over at Dreamworks.

Given that the script is good and they find the right people for the roles, Hamburg could strike gold again...maybe.

Source: THR



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