I Want That: A bed that becomes your own private movie theater

One of the greatest American traditions is lying in bed and doing nothing. Then TV made it so you could at least watch something while you acted like a potato. Next came the VCR, and all of a sudden nerds could rewind the slave Leia scenes in complete privacy. In the new age we have Netflix, Hulu and Lord knows what else to keep us stationary and satisfied. But we are not yet at the pinnacle of laziness manufacturing. We have so much awesome potential to unlock. That’s why when this video was found surfing the web for a bed that turns into a movie theater the world collectively shat themselves. Fit with projector, cup holders, and a drop-down screen, the video looks more like a prototype advert for the final product. But real or just an idea, this is where we as a society need to put our efforts. No one wants your cars, Elon Musk! Make yourself useful and get working on this!

Source: Facebook



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