I Want That: Costume Hoodies just in time for Halloween! Captain America, Wolverine, Magneto, and more!

Halloween time is here and if you haven't already planned out your costume for the big day or are looking for something in a pinch, look no further than these excellent officially licensed "costume hoodies" that run the gamut of properties from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. So, pretty much if you've experienced a childhood in the last few decades you're sure to find something that fits your taste and/or style. The cool thing is that depending on how much you want to let your geek flag fly, these bad boys can be worn any time of the year (but preferably in colder weather for obvious reasons), so you can represent your favorite character(s) whenever and wherever you want.

Of course, the first option is to secure a serviceable costume for your upcoming Halloween parties and/or Trick R' Treating for you (hey, I don't judge) or your youngsters. Besides convention season, Halloween is the perfect time to rock the cosplay, if even just wearing a hoodie of your favorite character. Check out a nice selection of hoodies below and click here to check out the full line-up on Superhero Stuff!

Also, start preparing your costumes for the JoBlo Annual Halloween Contest. More to follow on that, but now's the time to get those costumes (and cameras) ready!

Source: Superhero Stuff



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