I Want That: Ghost in the Shell figures from the Weta Workshop

You can peruse the comic shops and internet for loads of different figurines, statues and all other variations of human replications to fit your nerdy desires. However, but it's not often come straight out of the workshop that designed the very characters you’re watching on the screen. Well, these new GHOST IN THE SHELL figures are breaking that trend.

Coming directly from the Weta Workshop that designed the characters for the movie, these limited edition figures are incredibly detailed, 1:4 scale versions of one of the geishas seen in the trailer and of Scarlett Johansson’s Major. Flo Foxworthy, senior costume technician at Weta, had this to say about the figure creation process:

I created the pattern shapes, and then they went to the 3D department where they digitized it, milled it out in acrylic to create a mold, and sent it to the prosthetics team. They poured the silicone, laid in the mesh fabric that we used as a base, then we'd cut them up and you'd have these beautiful pieces with all the detail molded into them - it was just incredible.

There will only be 500 figures made of each, and at the low, low price of $449.00 you can own one here! Break out them pocket books!

Scarlett Johansson’s Major


Source: Weta



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