I Want That: Lego Man of Steel Set

Okay, so I might really, really love Lego sets. I know that most of my "I Want That" posts are mainly about Legos, but the sets that they are coming out with these days are so awesome. I actually got one of the TMNT ones with Mikey and Kraang. It turned out to be more awesome than I had expected.

This week's set is for MAN OF STEEL. Set “76002 Superman’s Metropolis Showdown” comes with two minifigs-- YES-- two minifigs. You get Supes and Zod, what looks to be a radio tower, and for some odd reason a car. Why would either character? Is it a taxi? Do they just throw it at one another? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Apparently this is the smallest set for the MAN OF STEEL series. Ooooooo, which set will be the biggest? THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE???

I don't have a release date for the set, but if they dish out info on other sets I might have something then. Make sure to check back!

Source: CBMBrickUltra



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