I Want That: Mattel's Back to the Future II Hoverboard

Well ladies and gents, it's finally here.

Mattel has finally released the infamous hoverboard that Marty McFly used in BACK TO THE FUTURE II. I'll just get this out of the way now before you start probing-- it doesn't hover. There is no hovering involved. It's just the board, but man, is it cool.

Okay, so maybe it would be even better if it actually did work, but good luck with that. I mean, they have made personal jetpacks, but have you seen how much those go for? Try $10,000. If it could do what it was originally promised to do, you can bet that it would be around the same price, maybe a little less, but still WAY out of the average joe's price range.

How much will the non-functional board go for? Not sure yet. But I do have some pictures that you can drool over until then. I'd like to get one if it isn't too expensive. Maybe put it in a shadow box display. Tell my kid in 20-years how I used to hoverboard around town.

Check out the pics below.

Source: GizmodoGeekTyrant



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