I Want That: Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3 figure

I know we have several fans of the UNCHARTED gaming series so this post is just for them.

Sideshow Collectibles just revealed a figure for lead character, Nathan Drake. If you are thinking this would be a perfect addition to your Christmas list, you might want to think more along the lines of Christmas 2014. The figure isn't set to drop until August 2014. You can head over to the site to pre-order your very own Nathan Drake. As you may have expected it's on the higher end at $159.99 however you can make payments. The figure looks awesome and actually has accessories which is something you don't usually see. He didn't come with another scarf or anything but there is an exclusive spider. I love the detail on the holster.

Check out the product description below along with some photos.

“Greatness from Small Beginnings”

Sideshow is proud to celebrate the two year anniversary and hero of Naughty Dog’s award winning action-adventure game, Uncharted III: Drake’s Deception, with the Nathan Drake Sixth Scale Figure.

Capturing Drake’s intense yet cool demeanor, the globetrotting treasure hunter comes to life with a hand crafted portrait, full range of articulation and ability to recreate the many dangerous encounters and absurd predicaments he’s most often found in. Ready to set out for the fabled Atlantis of the Sands, the self-proclaimed descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake has all of the clues he needs from an ancient map and the treasured heirloom ring he ‘kind of inherited’ around his neck. Sporting his famously half-tucked Henley shirt, wide cuff wristwatch, cargo pants, and belt with lucky horseshoe buckle, Nate is fully equipped for adventure in desert terrain with a hand-tailored shemagh tactical scarf, bandolier, and cross halter shoulder rig. Danger lurks around every corner, and while the rugged hero is capable of winning any brawl with just his fists, packing his trusty 9mm pistol and assault rifle guarantees that nothing can stop the thief with honor... not even spiders.



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