Ian McKellen is the master sleuth in this production still from Mr. Holmes


Sherlock Holmes has been an exciting character as of late and while there have been many actors to portray in the infamous detective over the years, we have Benedict Cumberbatch to thank for it's recent rise in popularity. The BBC's iteration aside, it's time for another great actor to step into the shoes, and who better than Ian McKellen? MR. HOLMES, directed by Bill Condon, will follow the 93-year old sleuth in the 1940s as he finds himself being pulled back into a case no more than 50 years old. The film is based on Mitch Cullin’s novel, "A Slight Trick of the Mind", and while we got to see what McKellen would like like playing the older Holmes last year, the first production still has hit now.


While that production still may not be something to get too excited about, McKellen's performance surely is. This will be a fresh take on the character as well as an interesting study on the sleuth's swan song, if you will. Incidentally director Bill Condon previously worked with Benedict Cumberbatch in the thriller THE FIFTH ESTATE, so the man knows his way around great actors. Hopefully we'll get a release date soon so we can plan our sleuthing accordingly.

MR. HOLMES will be released sometime in 2015.

Source: RadioTimes



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