Idina Menzel to put her toes in the sand for Beaches remake

No movie is immune from a remake—no matter how big or small, relevant or forgotten, drama or comedy. Soon, they will all have their day, and we must all be ready. Now all of our training—the hours spent suffering, and sometimes being surprised by, countless remakes—will face its greatest test. The 80’s sensation, BEACHES, will be coming for us in the form of a Lifetime movie remake. Light the beacons!

Deadline reports that the Garry Marshall smash-hit will be getting a modern update strictly to be shown on the long-standing channel and will star Idina Menzel as CC (played by Bette Midler in the original). Menzel will be lending her massive vocal pipes to an update of the movie's classic song “Wind Beneath My Wings”, as well as some new songs written for the remake. No word yet on who will be joining Menzel as CC’s best friend, Hillary (played by Barbara Hershey in the original).

Though it may seem sketchy that this news comes so shortly after Marshall’s death, Deadline makes sure to note this movie has been planned for the last year, coming after Lifetime's remake of STEEL MAGNOLIAS broke viewing records for the channel.

For those unfamiliar with the 1988 hit, BEACHES follows two strangers from complete opposite walks of life who meet on the Venice Boardwalk, and who are able to establish a friendship that lasts the rest of their lives. Like TERMS OF ENDEARMENT and STEEL MAGNOLIAS, BEACHES represents a pinnacle in 80’s-movie-female-driven sob stories, a genre Lifetime has built an empire on.

No word yet on when the movie is set to make its television debut, but I’m sure you will all be glued to your TVs, waiting in giddy anticipation.

Source: Deadline



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