Idris Elba, Daniel Craig share awkward, perfect selfie at Golden Globes

Between Christian Bale thanking Satan after winning for VICE and BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY winning – that’s right, winning – Best Picture, last night’s Golden Globes were, to say the least, weird. But while there were moments happening on stage that left everyone talking – for better or worse – one of the best parts of the evening happened off stage: Current James Bond, Daniel Craig, had a delightfully awkward moment with a favorite choice to take his job, Idris Elba.

Elba, who along with Taylor Swift was presenting awards in the music categories, has been a top choice on virtually all lists of potential actors who could replace Craig when he’s finished playing 007 on the big screen. Elba is fully aware that many want him to take the gig if offered, and when he was among the crowd of famous people last night he eventually crossed paths with the also-dapper Craig. Seeing an opportunity for the perfect selfie, he got a snap with the BOND 25 actor and shared the excellence for us all to bask in.

Elba is clearly having some fun teasing fans who want him to play the next Bond with this photo. His name first surfaced at as a contender to play the English spy years ago, and his name hasn’t left the discussion since – even as Craig continues to hold the role. However, Elba has always deflected talks about it, once saying back in 2016 that he thinks he’s too old for the part. Still, he has a good sense of humor about it, posting a pic back in August with the caption “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba.”

Lord knows (or if Bale is concerned, Satan) what will happen with the next Bond, but at least Elba is having some fun with the idea while he can. Hell, another Bond prospect, Richard Madden, won a Golden Globe that evening for his work on BODYGUARD, so maybe Elba will have another awkward selfie to take in few years with yet another Bond. 

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