Idris Elba's Star Trek Beyond villain will be "interesting" and "complex"

Wait, so he won't be boring and simple? Pft, count me out. Little is known about the character Idris Elba will be portraying in STAR TREK BEYOND but Simon Pegg, who has co-written the new film in addition to playing Scotty, spoke with MTV at a press day for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION and ladled out several small details about Idris Elba's role in STAR TREK BEYOND:

It’s a really interesting, complex character.

Simon Pegg cautioned that we shouldn't expect anything like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Kha...er, John Harrison character from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, Idris Elba's villain will be quite different. Simon Pegg explained that it was "only because it would be a retread, what we don’t want to do is have the same kind of villain with the same motivation.” So let's wrap up, Idris Elba will be interesting and complex as well as quite different from Benedict Cumberbatch. Positively shocking. Although it had been rumoured that Elba's character would be a Klingon, Simon Pegg has since denied that claim.

Production of STAR TREK BEYOND is currently underway in Vancouver but the production will also be making a stop in Dubai. STAR TREK BEYOND will beam into theaters on July 8, 2016.


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