I'm not sure why there's a third Madagascar film but there is and here's the trailer

So here we are. There's a third MADAGASCAR movie on the way, which might make this the most inexplicable franchise in recent memory. The first film was nice enough, I guess, and the second film existed to see if it could capitalize on the success of the original, which it didn't really. And then there was a spinoff animated series based on the penguins because, why not, but now a trilogy?

So it was cute to see pampered zoo animals out in the wild, but what do you do with them after two previous installments? How about stick them in the middle of a European crime caper? Makes sense, right? Well, the film is titled EUROPE'S MOST WANTED, so you kinda know what you're in for. Oddly enough, the film was written by Noah Baumbach (GREENBERG). Take a look below and see if this will be worth your while at all. At least David Schwimmer is happy it's still around.

Source: JoBlo.com



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