Imbruglia and Wolvey?

Yes, this is unsubstantiated rumor, and yes it is pretty out there, but this is being reported for two reasons: first, because I want people to be constantly talking about the WOLVERINE movie, since I think it will be great. And second, because for a couple of months when I was a kid, I was absolutely obsessed with Natalie Imbruglia. This was around the time that 'Torn' was playing every other minute on every single radio station, every day of the week. The word is that Ms. Imbruglia has auditioned and subsequently won a role in the upcoming WOLVERINE origin film. And that's about it. As we know, Hugh Jackman (who is reportedly bulking up like crazy, and too right) will be reprising his role from the X-MEN films that were great before Brett Ratner took the franchise and f*cked up like Seven-Up, and Maggie Q reported to be playing his girl Silver Fox. It still remains to be seen who will end up playing Sabretooth, with Gerard Butler and Robert Knepper both having their names bandied around. Gavin Hood (TSOTSI) helms. And this is good, good news.
Extra Tidbit: 'Tsotsi' is South African slang for 'thug'.



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