Immersive VR experience Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire coming soon!

I love me some VR. While it's still in the rudimentary stage, I think that Virtual Reality is becoming more and more a - well - reality reality, which is exciting. So much for the days of Virtual Boy and its disappointing ilk! And the closer we get to a holodeck, the better I say. Furthermore, it lets out live out our fantasies of visiting other worlds! Exploring the universes of our favorite films, including STAR TREK! Or, for some of you other nerds, STAR WARS!

And that's exactly what Disney is offering! A chance to use VR to join in the resistance against the Empire! Anyway, here's what Variety had to say about the experience:

The experience will allow up to four players to go undercover as Stormtroopers and walk around freely on a stage that combines real walls and other physical objects with VR storytelling. Lucasfilm and The Void first announced the ‘Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire’ experience in August.

Meanwhile, STAR WARS: SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE will open in Disney World resort December 16th, and then in Disneyland resort January 5th.

Extra Tidbit: What movie universe would you most like to visit via VR?
Source: YouTube



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